Where I'm from, you've got to tell it like it is.
I don't back down. I expose the bad, fight for change, and champion the good.
Right now, I'm holding public officials accountable for FOX6 News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

FOX6Theo is the political reporter for FOX6 Milwaukee. He has broken major stories from City Hall to the state Capitol on TV, and uses his multimedia background to enhance his stories online. Theo previously worked in Louisville, Ky., Madison, Wis., and Jefferson City, Mo. In each place, his reporting has forced government to change.

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ky capitol croppedTheo grew up in the Midwest and has extensively covered politics in the region for years, giving him a view of the 2016 election that many in Washington did not see. He’s not afraid of public officials: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin accused Theo of working for his political opponent in the 2015 election after Theo reported on Bevin’s tax delinquencies.

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recordsTheo’s passion is holding government officials accountable. He’s questioned mayors about illegal spending and questionable hiring, and he’s even been shoved by members of former Sheriff David Clarke’s entourage. He is a proud defender of journalists’ rights. Several times, he has objected to the improper closing of governmental meetings.

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